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The engineering capability for dust collector system is very strong ,I am very satisfied with the quality and service of Hangzhou Grace.

—— David Owens

I have ordered the Nomex filter bag from Hangzhou Grace for 5 years ,I am always enjoy the good quality filter bag supplied by them.

—— Barbara Haselton

ECOGRACE provide with our company for effective solutions about filter media for the dust emission control for our coal fird boiler baghouse system !

—— Steve Brain

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How to clean the dust from the dust collector equipment of power plant boilers

How to clean the dust from the dust collector equipment of power plant boilers? The cleaning methods of power plant boiler dust collectors can be divided into two types: fixed time and fixed friction. Timely ash cleaning is based on the time program process, and each room automatically rotates ash cleaning according to the main parameters of adjustable time. The cleaning cycle time of the dust removal equipment is adjustable in six levels within 0-2.5 hours, and the cleaning time for each room is 10-3 seconds. The timed dust cleaning operation is to sample the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the dust removal equipment, and clean the dust based on the number of communication devices converted by the orifice plate flowmeter. The entire work process is as follows: the inlet and outlet pressure measuring equipment orifice plate flowmeter ash removal control panel, the automotive relay relay cylinder improved on/off valve, in addition to the above two control measures, there is also a manual operation mechanism that can manually perform normal ash removal operations.
The dust removal device and process of the boiler dust collector are the core components and important technologies of the boiler dust collector, which determine the main function and work efficiency of the boiler dust collector. There are four common cleaning methods for boiler dust collectors: acoustic cleaning, mechanical vibration cleaning, gas cleaning, and manual tapping cleaning.
The design of the dust collector for power plant boilers is a small bag type dust collector with a fan. The dust collector adopts pulse jet cleaning, which has the characteristics of good cleaning effect, high purification efficiency, large processing air volume, long service life of filter bags, small maintenance workload, and reliable operation. Suitable for dust removal, purification, and material recovery of non fibrous industrial dust in various industrial and mining enterprises. The structure of the boiler dust collector mainly consists of a filter room, filter bags, clean room, ash hopper, ash discharge valve, pulse spraying device, electric control box, etc. The box is fully welded, the access door is sealed with foam tape, and the dust collector is tight without air leakage.
In order to achieve offline spraying and online maintenance, the dust collector of the power plant boiler adopts a small compartment bag chamber structure, with valves installed at the inlet and outlet of each bag chamber. According to the actual situation, considering the convenience of use, maintenance, and control, a double-layer rotating inlet and outlet cover valve is adopted. The device uses the same cylinder and valve stem to drive both the outlet cover valve and the inlet rotary cover valve. The cylinder uses clean compressed air with a pressure of 0.6-0.8 MPa. The cylinder is equipped with a switch solenoid valve and a position switch, which can be controlled by the system and displayed in the control room.

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