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The engineering capability for dust collector system is very strong ,I am very satisfied with the quality and service of Hangzhou Grace.

—— David Owens

I have ordered the Nomex filter bag from Hangzhou Grace for 5 years ,I am always enjoy the good quality filter bag supplied by them.

—— Barbara Haselton

ECOGRACE provide with our company for effective solutions about filter media for the dust emission control for our coal fird boiler baghouse system !

—— Steve Brain

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Precautions for using bag filter

1. Smoke temperature control
Sometimes the flue gas temperature is relatively high. In order to protect the filter bag and extend its service life, the temperature of the flue gas entering the dust collector must not exceed 120 ° C. Therefore, a temperature measurement point is set near the suction outlet and on the flue gas channel in front of the dust collector, and a mixing valve is installed between the temperature measurement points to quickly measure the flue gas temperature using a thermal resistor. The temperature display controller is used to open and close the air mixing valve, and its control logic is: when the air mixing valve is opened, cold air is mixed into the pipeline to achieve the purpose of controlling the smoke temperature.

2. Control requirements
The effectiveness of dust removal directly affects the normal operation of the dust collector system, and many dust collector systems experience a decrease in smoke and dust collection rate after a period of operation. Even the occurrence of filter bag burning and other situations is mainly due to the poor cleaning effect. In order to enhance the cleaning effect, the system adopts offline chamber rotation cleaning. The entire dust collector is divided into multiple chambers, connected to the air outlet pipe through valves. When cleaning, the valve of one chamber is closed, causing the room to go offline. The pulse valve sprays compressed air into the filter bag through a nozzle. Each chamber is equipped with multiple pulse valves, which take turns to blow. After cleaning, open the valve in the chamber and clean the entire dust collector chamber by chamber.

3. Control method
There are two main forms of ash cleaning control: constant pressure control and timed control. The constant pressure working method is to use the pressure difference OP between the inlet and outlet ducts of the dust collector to send out a dust removal control signal through a differential pressure transmitter. This control method is intermittent based on the actual degree of dust accumulation in the filter bag, and has the characteristics of low dust removal energy consumption and few pulse actions.
The timed working method is to clean the dust according to a predetermined time.
Normally, the constant pressure working mode is used. If there is a fault with the differential pressure transmitter, it will automatically switch to the timed working mode and send a signal. After the fault is resolved, it will return to the constant pressure working mode.

4. Compressed air handling control
The temperature is controlled at around 30 ° C in the day and around 50 ° C in the summer, measured by a thermal resistor and controlled by a temperature regulator.

5. Induction hood control
The opening and closing of the induction hood is manually operated in front of the furnace. During the opening and closing process, an audible and visual signal is emitted to remind the furnace operator to pay attention and ensure safety. The position signal of the deflector hood is transmitted to the dust removal control room, making it easy for the duty personnel to grasp the operation of the entire system.

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