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Dust Removing Pulse Jet Industrial Filter Bags PPS / NOMEX / PTFE / Fiberglass Filter media

Dust Removing Pulse Jet Industrial Filter Bags PPS / NOMEX / PTFE / Fiberglass Filter media

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Detailed Product Description
Filter Cloth:NOMEX / PPS / Fiberglass Filter ClothType Of Filter Bag:Pulse Jet / Reverse Air Blowing
Size:130 X 2500mm , 160 X 3600mm , 130 X 8000mmWorking Temperature:High Temperature Resistant
Working Life:> 24 MonthsApplilcatin:Dust Filter For Foundry Furnace , Coal Boiler Fumes
Chemical Treatment:PTFE Membrane , PTFE CoatingOther Application:Iron Alloy Furnace , Silicon Fe Furnace Fumes Filtration
Filter Media Type:Needle Felt , Woven Filter Cloth
High Light:high temperature filter bags, nomex filter bags

Dust Removing Industrial Filter Bags PPS / NOMEX / PTFE / Fiberglass Filter media
ECOGRACE Filter bag size Specifications :
The diameter of the filter bag is 115mm-200mm, length is 2000 mm- 9000mm,max to 12 meters in length .The specifications of the commonly used filter bag is 120mm- 160 mm diameter, 2000 ~ 6000mm length.
The oval, flat, envelope and support ring types of filter bag, please be sure to enquiry for us engineer. We’d like to provide the most suitable design and filtration material select suggestion for your reference.
For different industries application :
For Metal Smelting Industry / Foundaries :
ECOGRACE provide the key solution for the dust / gas filtration in metallurgy industry , foundry furnace , just like the Aluminium smelting , coppy ,leads smelting furnace  , steel and iron , metal smelting dust filtration ,
our own developed filter media will have the function of  high temperature fumes resistant , good corrosion resistant , long working life and cheaper price .
For Asphalt mixing site / Asphalt batching siste :
ECOGRACE have special filter bag solution for the high temperature fumes for the asphalt mixing site , moisture proof , and long working life , with very good price .
For Power station and Incineration Industry
With PTFE Dipping , ECOGRACE filter bags provide near zero emissions for dust collection system for waste incinerator processing and power station boiler. Whether you use standard or low grade coals, wood or tires in boiler, or operate a chemical, hazardous, or medical waste incinerator, all we can deliver consistently high airflow over the life of the filter bags for your application.
For Cement Industry
We know that the cement producer all over the world need high-performance filter media for cement kiln , cement mill, and other pulse jet or reverse baghouse. ECOGRACE filter Bags provide emissions control , production capability increases , energy saving , and the lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.
For Building Material Industry like Gypsum , Lime, mining , glass prduction process dust filtration :
ECOGRACE provide the stable and long lasting working life filter bags for the gypsum prodcution process , lime production process , glass production process .
For Chemical Industry
ECOGRACE filter bag for the chemical industry are offered as thorough solutions. This means you will receive expert support not only filter bag design, but also how to optimize the flow parameters of your system to get the absolute best productivity. This process-specific product design and applications engineering approach has proven to be the lowest risk way to optimize your system’s performance.lter bag
ECOGRACE most popuar filter bag material specifications: dust filter bag
Nomal temperature operation filter bag:
        Polypropylene needle felt filter bag
        Polyester needle felt filter bag
        Water proof polyester filter bag
        Anti-static conductive polyester filter bag
        Carbon antistatic polyester filler bag
        Acrylic needle felt filter bagdus
High temperature filter bag:

  • Aramid needle felt filter bag
  • Nomex needle felt filter bag
  • PPS (Polyphenylene Sulphide) filter bag
  • P84 (Polyimide) filter bag
  • PTFE needle felt filter bag
  • Glass fiber woven bulk yarn filter bag 
  • Glass fiber needle felt filter bag
  • Glass fiber woven filter bag

ECOGRACE dust filter bag :
Filter cloth—–Polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid (nomex), pps , p84 , fiberglass needle felt with treatment of singeing, calendar, hear set, anti-static, water and oil repellent , ptfe membrane , PTFE coating .
——–Compound Felt : Fiberglass mix pps, fiberglass mix p84 or other compound felt according your request.Woven fiberglass cloth with finish treatments of anti-acid, silicone, graphite and ptfe coating , PTFE dipping , PTFE membrane etc.
——–Polyester/Polypropylene needle felt for liquid filtration. Nylon mesh for liquid filtration.
ECOGRACE Filter bag—–Filter bags for dust collector system
Filter Shaker bags / Shaker Bags
Reverse air filter bags /Filter bags for reverse air blow
Pulse Jet filter bags dust filter bag
Envelope filter bags
Filter bags for special working conditions
Poyester, polypropylene, nylon and PTFE liquid filter bag
Filter cages-——Filter Bag Cages , stainless steel cage , galvanized filter cage , organic silicon filter cage .
Filter bag sewing thread——- sewing filter bags: PTFE thread , fiberglass thread , nomex thread, polyester thread. dust filter bag
Dust Removing Pulse Jet Industrial Filter Bags PPS / NOMEX / PTFE / Fiberglass Filter media
Dust Removing Pulse Jet Industrial Filter Bags PPS / NOMEX / PTFE / Fiberglass Filter media
Dust Removing Pulse Jet Industrial Filter Bags PPS / NOMEX / PTFE / Fiberglass Filter media

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