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Industrial Filter Unit Cartridge Pulse Jet Bag Filter Dust Collector For Aluminum Powder Spreading

Industrial Filter Unit Cartridge Pulse Jet Bag Filter Dust Collector For Aluminum Powder Spreading

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Detailed Product Description
Dust Collector:Pulse Jet Dust CollectorAir Flow:3000- 20000m3/h
Working Temperature:< 110 Degree CApplication:Aluminum Powder Spreading Filter Process
Emission:<30 Mg/ M3Filter Element:Polyester Filter Cartridge
Filter Cartridge Size ::324x660mm , 324mm X 750mm ,
High Light:pulse jet fabric filter, pulse jet bag house

Industrial Filter Unit Cartridge Pulse Jet Bag Filter Dust Collector For Aluminum Powder Spreading

Product Descriptions:

Vertical cartridge collectors are designed for low airflow and heavy dust load applications. The filter cartridges are fastened on tube sheet by a special locking mechanism. The venturi on the top of tube sheet can improve pulse jet clean effects and reduce system pressure. The vertical mounted cartridges avoid possibility of dusts falling from upper filters to down filters, which allows for higher A/C ratio and longer filter life.


(1) Suitable for most industrial process dust collections

(2) Special designed drop down inlet for heavy dust falling into hopper before reaching the filters.

(3) A variety of filter media technologies to provide filter efficiencies to 99.98%

(4) Suitable for operating at highest air-to-cloth ratio and providing longest filter life

(5) Cartridges secured and changed out from front access doors without need of tools

(6) Automatic compressed air pulse cleaning is standard

(7) Centrifugal fan is mounted on top of dust collector to save floor space

(8) Timer board or pulse on demand controls available to activate pulse valves

(9) Strongest housing construction for durable working life.

Typical Application:

Metal working, laser cutting, plasma cutting fumes, grinding, sand blast, welding fumes, graphite, pharmaceutical, chemical


Model Cartridges Filter Area 1 Filter Area 2 Filter Area 3 Filter Area 4
D2-4 4 84 m2 112 m2 37.6 m2 52 m2
D2-8 8 168 m2 224 m2 75.2 m2 104 m2
D2-12 12 252 m2 336 m2 112.8 m2 156 m2
D2-16 16 336 m2 448 m2 150.4 m2 208 m2
D2-20 20 420 m2 560 m2 188 m2 260 m2
D3-6 6 126 m2 168 m2 56.4 m2 78 m2
D3-12 12 252 m2 336 m2 112.8 m2 156 m2
D3-18 18 378 m2 504 m2 169.2 m2 234 m2
D3-24 24 504 m2 672 m2 225.6 m2 312 m2
D3-30 30 630 m2 840 m2 282 m2 390 m2

Features:(1) Modular structure for easy system set up on site. The major components are already installed before delivery.

Compact structure design to save expensive plant floor space.

(2) Standard container shipping for cheapest freight cost.

(3) Various cartridge filter media available for widest dust collection applications.

(4) Special designed panels between each layer of cartridges prevent dusts from upper cartridges falling to lower cartridges

(5) Longest filter life and highest filter efficiency.

(6) Tool-free cartridge cover makes filter change-out a very easy and clean work.

Model Unit Cartridge No. Filter area(m2)
ECF3-12 1 12 276
ECF3-24 2 24 552
ECF3-36 3 36 826
ECF3-48 4 48 1104
ECF3-60 5 60 1380
ECF3-72 6 72 1656
ECF4-16 1 16 368
ECF4-32 2 32 736
ECF4-48 3 48 1104
ECF4-64 4 64 1472
ECF4-80 5 80 1840
ECF4-96 6 96 2208

Product Dcescriptions:

The baghouse with pleated bags provide a significant update than traditional pulse jet needle felt baghouses. The baghouses with pleated bags dramatically increase filter area and efficiency than needle felt bags while operate at much lower differential pressure. The filter media are pleated and molded into a one-piece filter element, no need for support of cages. Compared with traditional needle felt bags, the pleated bags increase filter area by 100~300%, which allow for much smaller dust collector size.


(1) 100% spun bond polyester filter media. Durable and rigid construction

(2) Quickest erection of system. Most components Pre-installed in factory to minimize installation on site. No welding work is required on site.

(3) Wide pleat spacing, narrow pleat depth for best pulse jet clean

(4) Highest filter efficiency over 99.99%

(5) Very simple and easy bag installation and maintenance

(6) Pleated bags can be retrofitted on exiting felt bag collectors

(7) Pleated bag cap: PU, rubber and metal

(8) Special finishing of pleated bags available

Typical Application:

Wood, Paper, coal, cement, lime, fly ash, fiberglass, plastic and saw dust


Model Filter Size(mm) Filters Filter Area Valves
ECF10 146X1000 72 165.6M2 9
ECF13 146X1300 72 215.3M2 9
ECF20 146X2000 72 331.2M2 9
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