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The difference between plastic burning plate filter element and dust removal cloth bag

The difference between plastic firing plate filter element and dust removal cloth bag is that both plastic firing plate filter element and dust removal cloth bag are common filtering materials in industrial dust removal equipment. There are certain differences between the two in terms of principles, materials, and scope of application. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the differences between plastic fired plate filter cartridges and dust removal bags from various aspects.
1、 Principle aspect
The plastic burning plate filter element separates dust through electrostatic action, and its main principle is to capture small dust particles under high electric field by utilizing the charged nature of ions. Under the action of the electric field in the filter element, the exhaust gas will collide when passing through the filter material due to the opposite direction of the airflow and electric field. Under the action of electromagnetic energy, it will carry negative charges and accumulate along the electric field line, ultimately being adsorbed on the surface by the filter material.
The dust removal bag separates the dust through the interception mechanism. The main principle is to stick the filter material inside the chamber, filter the waste gas containing dust, physically intercept dust particles, and intercept the dust particles on the surface of the filter material.
2、 In terms of materials
The plastic burning plate filter element often uses high-temperature resistant materials, such as silicone rubber. This material has high temperature resistance, can operate at higher temperatures, and is resistant to the erosion of various chemicals. This material has good wear resistance, long service life, and is not easily damaged.
Dust removal bags are usually made of materials such as polyester fiber, linen fiber, cotton fiber, etc. These materials have a flexible texture, good breathability, and filtering effect. It has good anti-static effect and long service life.
3、 In terms of scope of application
Plastic fired plate filter element is suitable for high temperature and high humidity environments, such as metallurgy, cement and other industries, and is suitable for purifying industrial flue gas. Silicone rubber material can adapt to high temperature conditions around 400 ℃, while polystyrene material is suitable for low temperature conditions.
Plastic fired board is suitable for low temperature and low humidity environments, such as steel, chemical and other industries. This material can adapt to different industrial flue gas purification, including wet and dry dust purification. Plastic burning plate filter element can be used to treat gases under low temperature conditions, adapt to some medium strong acid and strong alkali flue gas, and can also filter some volatile compounds at room temperature.
Overall, both the plastic firing plate filter element and the dust removal cloth bag have high filtration efficiency and can effectively purify industrial flue gas, but their application environments and materials vary. When selecting, it is necessary to choose the appropriate filtering material according to different application environments.

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