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The reason for the shrinkage of dust removal bags after encountering high temperatures

In the field of industrial dust removal, dust removal bags, as key filtering materials, often need to work in high-temperature environments. However, sometimes we may find that the dust removal bag shrinks when exposed to high temperatures, which not only affects its filtration performance but may also shorten its service life. This article will delve into the reasons for the shrinkage of dust removal bags after encountering high temperatures and propose corresponding solutions.
1、 Reasons for high-temperature shrinkage of dust removal bags
Fiber thermal shrinkage: Dust removal bags are usually made of synthetic fibers such as polyester fibers. These fibers undergo thermal shrinkage at high temperatures, leading to a reduction in the overall size of the fabric bag. The thermal shrinkage performance of different fibers varies, so the degree of shrinkage of dust removal bags made of different materials will also vary at high temperatures.
The impact of production process: In order to improve the dimensional stability of dust removal bags during the production process, heat setting treatment is usually carried out. However, the setting of heat setting process parameters has a significant impact on the shrinkage performance of fabric bags at high temperatures. If the heat setting temperature is too high or the time is too long, it may cause the cloth bag to shrink more easily at high temperatures.
The rate of temperature change: When the dust removal bag works in a high-temperature environment, if the rate of temperature change is too fast, it may cause the fiber stress inside the bag to not be released in time, resulting in shrinkage.
Residual tension: During the weaving process of dust removal bags, the fabric is subjected to a certain amount of tension to maintain its shape. If the fabric still retains significant tension after cooling and curing, shrinkage may occur at high temperatures.
2、 A method to solve the high-temperature shrinkage of dust removal bags
Choosing the appropriate fiber: For specific high-temperature environments, selecting fiber materials with lower thermal shrinkage performance to make dust removal bags can to some extent reduce the shrinkage phenomenon at high temperatures.
Optimize production process: By optimizing the heat setting process, improve the dimensional stability of dust removal bags at high temperatures. For example, appropriately reducing the heat setting temperature or shortening the heat setting time can reduce the shrinkage amplitude of the cloth bag at high temperatures.
Slow temperature change: Try to keep the temperature change rate of the dust removal bag slow at high temperatures, providing sufficient stress release time to reduce the possibility of shrinkage.
Post treatment process: Post treat the already made dust removal bag, such as heat treatment, tension release, etc., to reduce its shrinkage trend at high temperatures. In addition, special coatings with high-temperature shrinkage resistance can be used to treat dust removal bags to improve their high-temperature stability.
Reasonable use and maintenance: During use, avoid prolonged exposure to ultra-high temperatures, regularly inspect and replace shrunk dust removal bags to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.
Regular inspection and maintenance: To prevent the dust removal bag from being in a high temperature state for a long time and causing serious shrinkage, the operation status of the equipment should be checked regularly, and potential problems should be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner. At the same time, replace and maintain the dust removal bags that have already contracted to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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