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I have ordered the Nomex filter bag from Hangzhou Grace for 5 years ,I am always enjoy the good quality filter bag supplied by them.

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What is the reason for the smoke coming from the biomass boiler dust collector

Biomass boiler dust collector is a widely used flue gas treatment equipment in the field of environmental protection. Its main function is to remove dust and harmful gases from the flue gas, achieving the goal of purifying the air. However, sometimes we may find that the biomass boiler dust collector emits smoke, which not only affects the normal operation of the dust collector, but also causes pollution to the environment. This article will analyze the reasons for smoke emission from biomass boiler dust collectors and explore corresponding solutions.
1、 Working principle of biomass boiler dust collector
The working principle of biomass boiler dust collector is mainly to remove dust and harmful gases from the flue gas through methods such as filtration and electrostatic precipitator. The filtration method filters out the dust in the flue gas through a filter bag, while electrostatic precipitator uses the effect of an electrostatic field to charge the dust particles and collect them. These collected dust will be concentrated at the bottom of the dust collector and discharged through the ash discharge device.
2、 Reasons for smoke emission from biomass boiler dust collector
Fuel issue: The fuel used in biomass boilers contains too much moisture or impurities, which can lead to insufficient combustion and smoke generation.
Combustion chamber design issue: Unreasonable combustion chamber design leads to insufficient fuel combustion and can also cause smoke.
Dust collector problem: Malfunctions or defects in the dust collector itself, such as damaged filter bags or malfunctioning solenoid valves, can lead to untreated flue gas emissions.
Improper operation: Improper operation by operators, such as failure to adjust fuel supply in a timely manner, insufficient mixing of fuel and air, can also lead to smoking.
3、 Solution
Regarding fuel issues: Reliable quality fuel should be selected and the moisture and impurities in the fuel should meet the requirements. Meanwhile, measures should be taken to prevent impurities from entering during fuel storage and transportation.
Regarding combustion chamber design issues: The combustion chamber design should be optimized to ensure that the fuel can be fully burned in the combustion chamber. Measures can be taken such as increasing secondary air volume and improving the mixing of fuel and air.
Regarding the issue of dust collectors: Regular inspections should be conducted on the working condition of each component of the dust collector. If any problems such as damaged filter bags or malfunctioning solenoid valves are found, they should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner. At the same time, the dust accumulation inside the dust collector should be regularly cleaned to prevent smoke blockage.
Regarding the issue of improper operation: Training and management of operators should be strengthened to ensure that they can proficiently master the operating skills and precautions of biomass boilers. At the same time, reasonable operating procedures and monitoring measures should be established to ensure that operators can operate according to regulations.
Regarding system issues: It is necessary to comprehensively consider the operation of the entire flue gas treatment system, identify other factors that may affect the dust removal effect, such as flue gas temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., and take corresponding measures for optimization and control.

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