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What material should be selected for dust removal bags in paint factories

In the production process of paint factories, a large amount of dust and harmful gases are generated, posing a threat to the environment and employee health. In order to ensure production safety and environmental standards, it is crucial to choose the appropriate dust removal bag material for the dust removal system of paint factories. This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the selection of dust removal bag materials for coating factories, helping you choose the most suitable dust removal bag for your production needs.
1、 Characteristics of Paint Dust
Paint dust is a special type of industrial dust with the following characteristics:
High viscosity: Paint dust has strong adhesion and is easy to adhere to the surface of the dust removal bag, resulting in a decrease in dust removal efficiency.
Reactive chemical properties: Paint dust contains multiple chemical components and is prone to react with substances such as water, acid, and alkali, requiring high material requirements for dust removal bags.
Large temperature variation: During the coating production process, there is a significant temperature variation, and it is required that the dust removal cloth bag has good temperature resistance performance.
2、 Material selection of dust removal cloth bags
According to the characteristics of paint dust, the following factors should be considered when selecting dust removal bags:
Temperature resistance: Due to significant temperature changes during the coating production process, dust removal bags should have good temperature resistance and be able to withstand higher temperatures without deformation or damage. It is recommended to choose dust removal bags made of high-temperature resistant materials such as P84 and fiberglass.
Chemical stability: Due to the possible presence of acid, alkali and other chemical components in paint dust, dust removal bags should have good chemical stability and be less likely to react with these substances, thereby extending their service life. It is recommended to choose dust removal bag materials such as PTFE and PPS that have good chemical stability.
Anti adhesion performance: Due to the high adhesion of coating dust, the dust removal bag should have good anti adhesion performance, which is not easy to be adhered by dust, thus maintaining a good dust removal effect. It is recommended to choose a dust removal bag with a smooth surface or special anti adhesion treatment.
Filtering accuracy: According to the dust removal requirements of the coating factory, select dust removal bags with appropriate filtering accuracy to ensure good dust removal effect. It is recommended to choose dust removal bags with high filtration accuracy and low resistance.

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